Friday, September 18, 2009

Freaky or Freakin Cool?

All right. I just found this on my reader. Someone posted the video on youtube. This is crazy. Check out the pictures under lingerie. The chick in front of the fridge that's filled with pickles might be my favorite. I'm obsessing, I can't get over these pictures. I also can't tell if I'm disturbed or I think it's hilarious.

People, I need comments. Creepy weird? Totally cool?


crap-tastic mommy said...

I think it's a little bizarre. Also, none of those models are REALLY REALLY pregnant. Like, pregnant and so fat you can't even fit into a size 10 pair of white hanes underpants. I wish i'd looked that good when I was pregnant and had fancy lingerie to wear in front of my fridge full of pickles.

lostonthetubes said...

Freaky. And creepy. Not so much the preggers chicks, but the "play with me" at the top next to the fan, and the bit on the "for men only section" that says "congratulations. you've mastered the art of procreation" Ick. And who says they mastered it? Maybe they were really crap at the art, but have really strong swimmers. And I'm with Christie...are you really going to be bothered about fancy pants when you're constipated, your feet are swollen, you have an alien playing football with your bladder and according to you aspirating stomach acid??

Deanna said...

Hi! I stumbled on your blog a few months back and practically peed myself, you are so funny, (post "mother-ship" syndrome), as I am sure you can understand. My husband thought I was off my gourd. (And, I have three bananas stuck to my counter - my mother would be so ashamed!!)

I've been passing your link onto a few friends, I hope that is ok. There are alot of us hard working, previously boob pumped, facebook fans that I think can relate to your stuff. (Especially "that guy" that still makes me giggle)

I wanted to step out there and see if you would check out a project I am helping do some design work on, and consider passing a link on to some of your readers. I hope you don't find it offensive - but from what I've read, it might be something you'd like to offer some of your expertise on, and I think it would add some spice to the project!

Here is the link:

jewdith7 said...

i think its a cool concept...i just dont think they make this stuff in size ENORMOUS.

Yes, it's ME said...

@Deanna - your project sounds interesting. The link loaded really slowly so I'll check it out later when I have a bit of time. I'll happily share your project.

I appreciate you passing along my blog - as you can see, most of my readership are friends, friends of friends and my mom :-) (at least I think?) It's all for fun either way!