Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm thinking, as if you haven't already guessed, that I'm going to take a hiatus.

I've also been thinking that part of the reason I struggle with writing over the last 12 months is because I'm trying to write about something that I'm just not living anymore. (if you could see my draft bin you would bleaachh all over the half written posts that litter the screen)

So I got to thinking some more (all this thinking...do you smell the burning of my brain?) that I should start writing something new.

I'm note entirely sold on this idea because I'm not sure it would be any different than this sad, sad excuse for a blog.

So I think I'm going to try to think of a new format. (think....I just wanted to say it one more time.) Something that's a bit more manageable. Maybe more on topic for my current life.

Maybe I need to start using my Twitter account. I'm kidding. Maybe.

Leave me alone while I'm thinking. Or alternately, give me good ideas.

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